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Training Videos!

This is just a partial list of all the Micro Training Videos that come loaded onto a Thumb Drive to help you learn the tasks in Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint that you need to better qualify yourself as a viable employee in the Workforce of 2022, as well as 2023 and the Future! And yes, the "Future" is NOW, so to speak!

There is no reason why a person in the Workforce of Today can justifiably say, "I know how to use Excel", if he or she does not know essentials such as "IF Function" and "VLOOKUP"! And there is no reason why you should feel that you are of the small majority when you are part of the "Greater Majority"! Do not let it deter you in any way! 

After I teach anyone online, in my Classroom, at their home, One on One, they receive my Flash Drive with over "200 Micro Training Videos installed on it! These Micro Training Videos are MP4 Video files that are approximately 2 to 3 minutes long and they show you how to do all the Lessons in Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint that are taught in my Classroom! Even if you decide not to subscribe to my Training, these videos will train you at your own pace and the Flash Drive can be purchased alone.

Excel Micro Training Videos:

  1. Saving a Workbook Properly

  2. Saving in Different Versions

  3. Name – Rename – Move a Worksheet

  4. Quick Access Toolbar

  5. Three Ways in Edit Mode

  6. AutoCorrect Options

  7. Fill Color Certain Cells

  8. Aligning Text and Numbers

  9. AutoSum * MAX * MIN* AVERAGE

  10. Using the Handler to Calculate

  11. Adding Cells at Random

  12. Task Bar Checking Totals

  13. Freeze Panes

  14. Select All to Copy Worksheet

  15. Find and Replace

  16. Name a Range

  17. Titles at Top Multiple Sheets

  18. Creating a Chart

  19. Inserting a Hyperlink

  20. Inserting a Comment

  21. Setting Filters

  22. Format Cells

  23. Filters More Finite

  24. Hide a Column Properly

  25. Insert Header of Footer

  26. Move Data

  27. Sort Alphabetically

  28. Using the Range to Calculate

  29. Using the “Go To” Feature

  30. Inserting Symbols

  31. Rename and Color Code Tabs

  32. Create a Formula Manually

  33. Splitting the Panes

  34. Fill Series

  35. Absolute Reference

  36. IF Functions

  37. Commands Using the “Ctrl” button

  38. Adding Totals Between Two Workbooks

  39. Print Gridlines or Not

  40. Format a Table of Data

  41. Paste Special

  42. Trace the Dependents and Precedents

  43. Wrapping the Text

  44. Set Printing to Landscape Orientation

  45. ZOOM Mode to Enlarge Font

  46. Set Print Area to Print

  47. Build a Macro

  48. Track Changes That are Made

  49. Wrap Text

  50. Flash Fill for the Names

If you want to order the "Micro Training Videos" on a Thumb Drive to teach you how to use Excel, do it now while the "Special" is still offered! Use PayPal or any Credit Card!

"Thumb Drive - Micro Training Videos - 200+"

Click on the Thumb Drive below!

flash drive for Videos.jpg

51. Speak Cells

52. Count Names of Employees

53. Cumulative Sum

54. SUMIF Conditional Formula

55. SUMIFS Certain Criteria

56. SUMIFS Multiple Criteria

57. SUMIFS Negative Values

58. VLOOKUP Formula

59. HLOOKUP Formula

60. Circular Reference

61. Array Formula

62. Array Formula for Percent

63. Multiple Criteria Formula

64. Counting Formulas

65. Counting Differences in Range

66. Calculate Workdays (Network)

67. Time Sheet

68. Conditional SUMS

69. Array SUM with Errors

70. Array that Finds all Errors in Range

71. Array Summary of Largest in Range

72. Array that would Add the Largest

73. Average Excluding Zeros

74. Array Finds Difference in 2 Ranges

75. Array to Find Value in Range

76. Array to Find Location of MAX data

77. Array to Find Round Totals

78. Calculating Total Wages Array

79. Copy and Paste in One Step

80. Adding Background to Worksheet

81. Cell Address Find

82. Table Totals One Click

83. Separate First, Middle, Last Name

84. Counting Different Criteria

85. Pivot Tables

86. Pivot Tables Different Criteria

87. Conditional Formatting

88. Formula to Calculate Grades

89. Charts Using Pie Charts

90. Charts Using Stock Charts

91. Conditional Formatting

92. Creating a Custom Style

93. Password Protection

94. Edit Formulas in Formula Bar

Extra Micro Videos

43 Micro Training Videos in Word

40 Micro Training Videos in PPP

29 Micro Training Videos Outlook

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