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Excel Micro Training Videos

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This Thumb Drive comes with over 200 Excel Micro Training Videos that show you in 2 to 3 minutes how to perform each and every task that you ever wanted to learn how to do in Microsoft Excel! In just minutes you will see how easily it is to create the Formulas that make Excel the Number One Spreadsheet in the world! Not only will you be able to present a much valued Excel Workbook to your boss, you will probably implement its functions in your home essentials. You can easily "install" them on your own computer, or insert the Thumb Drive into one of your USB drives in the side of your computer and run them from the Drive! If you "install" them ont your computer, you can keep the Thumb Drive in a safe place for a "Backup". Anytime you forgot how to "edit" your Excel Worksheet, merely open my Micro Training Videos and "Refresh" your thoughts! I do not know of another Training Center that has created nor provided their students a "Tool" such as this to enhance their learning! I am providing a "discount" on my Drives to accumulate enough Funds to provide "FREE CLASSES" to the DAV's and Wounded Warriors so they can become better qualified to enter the Workforce of Today!

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